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Classes at the Iyengar Yoga Centre

Take a moment to read over the following descriptions and determine which class is suited to your individual requirements.
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Never tried Yoga? Curious about Iyengar Yoga? No previous experience required.


Begin Level
Attend this class for 1-3 terms to learn or brush up on the foundations of the Iyengar Yoga method and build your confidence to join a regular class.

All Levels
Beginner and experienced students welcome to these classes.

Level 1
No previous experience required.

Level 2 – 4
Suitable for students with a minimum of six months experience in Iyengar Yoga and a regular practice. Steady and stable in shoulder stand, ready to learn headstand and variations in the inverted postures.


Pranayama is a vital and subtle part of yoga practice. Prana indicates the flow of life energy. Ayama means to spread, expand, enlarge as well as to control or regulate. This is a class where breath is observed and regulated to gain access to more subtle levels of awareness. Stability and focus in a well-rounded asana practice for at least a year provide an essential foundation for this hybrid class.  It is recommended that the student commit to the entire series of classes in a term.


Invite deep relaxation and mental peace into your week in this one-hour class. Beginners welcome.


This class is for students of any age. The classic poses are adapted as needed for balance and strength.


In addition to offering classes throughout the week, at various levels, IYCV also offers a weekly Members Practice on Sunday afternoons. This is a opportunity to maintain and even deepen your practice, in a way that is flexible to your needs and schedule that day.

Within the 12:30 – 3pm time slot, you can start and stop at any time, targeting your needs and where you are on the yogic journey. Printed sequences, and other library resources, are available if you’re unsure what to practice. All props, other than your own mat, are available for you to use.  A teacher is present but will be focused on their own practice.

Members practice is open to all IYCV members, and can be a pathway to your own home practice.

The Centre’s non-profit status and its philosophy of community service produce the welcoming atmosphere that pervades the Centre. The long standing community that has formed around the Centre and the friends I have made there is, for me, a testament to how special the Victoria Iyengar Centre is. –LL

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