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Best Yoga Studio in Victoria!

Hey, here is some great news!
We have been nominated by the Times Colonist as one of the best yoga studios in Victoria. Last year after all of the voting was done, we tied for first place. This year let’s make it a resounding first place. None of this “being tied for first place” business like last year. Please vote for us as THE VERY BEST yoga studio in town. Here is the link to place your vote:

Direct Voting Link:

The Art of Restoration

Invite deep relaxation into your life. Using bolsters, blankets, and other props to support a prolonged stay in the yoga postures helps you to gently release tension, move with ease, and restore the natural rhythm of your breath. Join Britta to explore all categories of the yoga postures: standing, seated, twists, forward extensions, backward extensions and inversions, as seen through the lens of a restorative practice.