To Ease the Breath

To Ease the Breath

To Ease the Breath (from Guruji’s work)

Here is some help that was sent for a person who had experienced breathing difficulties, although not too ill.

Method to ease breathing difficulties:

Straddle a chair facing backwards with a bolster or rolled blanket in front. Place a folded towel or washcloth to keep your nose from being scrunched and rest your forehead on it.

Rest your body against the bolster and your head on the support. Stretch out and rest your arms on the wall or a counter. If they are wide it helps broaden the chest for easier breathing.

This allows the breath to go more readily into the back of the body. It is significantly more free and almost immediately releases any more uncomfortable panicked feelings.

Another way of doing this for yoga practitioners is to do a forward virasana. Instead of taking the head down to the floor, use one or two bolsters for height and place a rolled washcloth to lift your forehead to free your nose. Keep your arms also on some height – on a stack of blocks or books, for example. Again here the breath has more freedom to move into your back and take the strain off the upper lung region.

Of course it’s not to be used in place of getting proper medical help when needed but may be of assistance and bring some comfort to those who are suffering and healing.

Article and demonstration by Sheri Berkowitz