Dear Students,

Thanks to all who donated to our annual appeal! We appreciate both your generosity and endorsement of our work.

Last November, after 24 months of support, totalling $155,000, the federal wage and rent subsidies ended. Now we are relying on revenue from classes, workshops and donations. This year we are on our own and we forecast that our expenses will exceed our revenue by $17,071.

As a charitable organization, we offer free access to classes and workshops. Many students are struggling because of the pandemic. Last fiscal year, which ended October 31st, the Centre gave out over $17,000 in subsidies through our ‘pay what you can’ program.

We are slowly adding back studio classes and are now at approximately 60% of our pre-covid capacity. Some students are still reluctant to come into the studio. Zoom classes are a good option for busy people and those who just prefer doing classes from the comfort and safety of home.

Our appeal to our community continues. If you are in a position to support us, we would very much appreciate it.

Namaste, love,
Wendy, Britta and Laine (Board President)