Island Health Surprise

Island Health Surprise

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Love makes everything possible. Abhijata Iyengar, July 9, 2020

Island Health Surprise Inspection:
On Tuesday we had a call from the environmental officer at Island Health whom Wendy had consulted about protocol when we decided to reopen the studio. Angela asked to come to the Centre to do a covid compliance inspection at 1pm (have to say we were a bit rattled)!

Everyone was very happy with the outcome of the Island Health inspection!!
Angela said that the protocol she recommended in May, when Wendy consulted her, was well implemented. She commented positively about our touchless/paperless office, good management of entry and exit points, and excellent signage.

After measuring the distance between the mats, which she was happy to see was at least 7feet apart, Wendy asked if we could add another one. She said we can do that safely.

The overall comments were that we were doing well “operating a by-appointment facility using phone registration, with no paper and hands free entry/exit points.”

Wendy asked many questions! A couple of things to note. We may now use hand sanitizer with a nozzle, (even though the automated ones are best they are still unavailable). We have put a bottle of sanitzer in the retail area for students to use on entry and exit.

Regarding students who forget to bring props, she said this must be discouraged since each time it happens it creates an extra contact point which is a risk. However if students forget props intermittently we must wash everything with wipes.

It’s good to know all our hard work met with Island Health approval!

Unlimited Pass for Online Classes in August – The Centre is offering an Unlimited Online Pass for $194 +GST. This is a great deal since students get four classes for less than the price of two and a half! Do the math.

August Registration Opens Next Monday 13th – please call early to reserve a spot, we are filling the in-studio classes more quickly.

The Centre’s office hours now also include Wednesdays from 4:30-6 pm, Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 pm and Sundays from 10:30-12:30 pm!

BC Day Monday, August 3 – the Centre is closed for this stat holiday.

Thanks, all of you, for supporting the Centre and for adhering to the covid protocols.

Namaste, love Wendy and Britta