Happy Year of the Ox!

Happy Year of the Ox!

Dear Students,

We know how much everyone is looking forward to the option of taking in-studio classes again! Each month the centre weighs the risks of offering in-studio classes versus the viral trend in Victoria. We all hope to get back together soon, but if won’t be in March.

Although the centre could offer in-studio classes now we would all have to wear masks. Some students and several teachers are not interested in being masked-up in class. We are crossing our fingers we will be back in April when the windows can be open.

Even though BC’s epidemic curve has flattened, Vancouver Island remains the only region in BC in which Rt, which is the rate of people who get infected from one COVID-19 case, is higher than 1. And the variant cases of the virus are now mounting quickly in the province.

The Centre is in an adequate position financially right now but it is tenuous. If someone who was in contact with the virus came to the Centre, we would have to close for several weeks. We would very likely lose faith with some students about the safety of our in-studio programs. This would be very damaging to us.

So based on the above as well as Dr. Bonnie Henry’s briefing last week – the directive continuing and the ease of transmission in the colder months, especially with the new variants – we made the decision to offer online classes only, for March.

Please call us to register for one of our nine zoom classes for March.

Namaste, love,
Wendy and Britta