“Through surrender the aspirant’s ego is effaced, and…grace…pours down upon him like a torrential rain.” —BKS Iyengar

Dear Students and Teachers,

Our 2nd Annual Teacher Intensive runs next week, Monday to Friday from 12:303pm, with Ann and Louie. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER!!
August spaces still open for the following studio classes: Gary on Sunday 4-5pm and Ty on Wedns 6-7:30pm.
We are registering for September now! There are spots available in all studio classes and all online classes for September.
Please check the class schedule below for details.
Protocols for in studio classes

You are welcome to register for studio classes if you have had both vaccines. Otherwise please take our online classes.
Gone are the days we can push through the early symptoms of something. So please come to class when you are feeling well. If not we will send you a link to a zoom class or give credit toward your next term.
Please wear a mask when entering the building. Mask optional once you are in the studio. We are registering 15 students in each class, 2 meters apart, as before.
Please bring your soft props: strap, blankets, mat and bolster, if you have one. Blocks, the wall and chairs will be used. (Otherwise, please bring two extra blankets or towels).
Namaste, love
Wendy and Britta