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B.K.S. Iyengar (Guruji) could be found most afternoons in the library of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India, often working at his desk on articles, books, or answering correspondence. He was born during the 1918 flu epidemic in the small village of Bellur. He suffered very poor health as a child, and had no formal education. Through his dedicated study and practice of yoga he ultimately became a world renowned teacher of yoga and author of over 30 books.

The ‘Light’ on Books of BKS Iyengar are essentials for all yoga practitioners. They were written from his own practice, his own journey inwards from the outer layers of the body inwards to the prana, to the mind. He wrote these books from trial and error. He moved from the asana, to pranayama to the philosophy. Note the publication dates.

Light On Yoga

Classic guide to yoga published in 1966 with over 600 photos, a section on yoga philosophy and pranayama. A must for every serious Iyengar Yoga student. The shorter Ilustrated Light on Yoga has the same format, but fewer poses, and larger photos.

Light on Pranayama

A comprehensive guide to the subtle art of pranayama published in 1981. Practical step by step instructions to delve into this subject. His own teacher TK Krishnamacharya said it was “a precious gem in the firmament of yoga.”

Light On The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

The detailed commentary, charts and diagrams help make the philosophy of yoga accessible to all. Guruji spent years delving into each sutra before he published the book in 1993.

Light on Life

Published in 2005, Iyengar went on tour with this book and attended the last US convention in Colorado of that year. This book is a gem of down to earth teachings on the value of yoga practice for all of humankind.

Some of the many other books that Guruji published over his life show his zest and commitment for learning; his passion for the subject.

The Art of Yoga

Published in 1993 is a companion to Light on Yoga. Guruji in this book shows the poses in their artistic light. He refined and showed some poses with his understanding of practice from the 1966.

The Tree of yoga

This book published in 1988 is a collection of lectures compiled over many years that helps illuminate the philosophy of yoga.

Arogya yoga

This book is a treasure!

Translated into English since Iyengar’s death. The articles were written in Marathi and give insights about how and why we practice yoga.

Yoga for Sports

This book is also a rich resource for various health issues that focuses on problems faces by those active in sports. But it includes advice on many topics such as what to practice for jet lag. This book came out near the end of Guruji’s life in 2014.

Yoga The Path to Holistic Health

A valuable compendium for all students of yoga on how the asanas can help reduce stress and maintain our health. There are sequences for almost any ailment, from colds, spinal problems, men’s and women’s health to heart issues. Published in 2001.

A further list of his books to explore into his thoughts and writings:

• Core of the Yoga Sutras

• Yog Dipika

• Astadala Yogamala: The Collected Works of Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar Volume 1-8

• Light on Asthanga Yoga


• Body the Shrine Yoga thy Light

• Iyengar Yoga for Beginners

• Yoga Wisdom and Practice

• Pãtanjala Yogasutra Paricaya

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