Dear Students

Dear Students

Dear Students,

We’ve had an exciting week at the Centre. Ann and Louie (who now lives in Victoria), taught 23 teachers from across the country in our annual Teacher Intensive. Thanks to all teachers from Nova Scotia to the west coast who participated!


There are spaces available in all online classes for August and September.

IN STUDIO CLASSES offered for fully vaccinated students:

· AUGUST: There are still spaces open in Gary’s Sunday class from 4-5:30pm and Ty’s Wednesday from 6-7:30pm. Both are All Levels classes.

· SEPTEMBER: Spaces available in all September classes except from Friday 11-12:30pm with Wendy.

We look forward to seeing you online or in studio!

Namaste, love,

Wendy, Monica and Billie (here for Britta in the mornings for 3 WEEKS)