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Do you have a yoga goal or milestone that you are working on?


Previous Questions and Answers

How does yoga help you with your general well-being?

Yoga has helped me with a multitude of well-being benefits.

But it is the Iyengar practice that has shown me the most benefit.

As a woman in her 70’s who had been practicing and teaching for over 35 years,and just recently discovering Iyengar, I am in awe of what changes I have felt in my body since joining this studio in January. – better sleep, shoulder issues resolved, clearer focus, and if I could financially afford to come every day, I would.  The wellbeing from any yoga class is remarkable, but since encompassing the Iyengar style, it has given me a renewed sense of confidence that I can continue doing yoga well into my 70’s and 80’s!  Thank you for the exceptionally skilled teachers. A.J

Yoga helps me by keeping me grounded and calm. B.K.

I used to practice yoga in the yoga classroom with my teacher every day 9 months ago in China. I got used to practice at home without teacher’s instructions 6 months ago which makes me more confident and gets big progress in asanas. I’m used to having yoga as part of life. S.J.

Yoga just is….challenging, rewarding, subtle and with you every day. Once you start it your body wants to practice….generally speaking. C.R

Do you have a favourite yoga pose and why do you like it?

Downward dog on the ropes. Love it for my back. – Holly M-I
Childs pose because it stretches my quads, hips, thighs, ankles and back all at once in a nice gentle way. – LA
Tree pose is one I have had to work on for years and as I get better and better at it I feel a sense of accomplishment. – ARI
Savasana because of the total relaxation I feel at the time and on into the rest of my day. – MU

What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

My friend. And in 1999 after a back surgery I did a rehab course – CR
I was first inspired to practice yoga by a very kind gentle teacher who often shared yoga quotes to reflect upon. I continue to be inspired to practice yoga because of the peace it brings me. And I love how the teachings are shared in a diversity of ways by amazing teachers. – AM
Two things inspired me to start practicing yoga: 1) wonderful, supportive teachers who showed me the way and 2) the realization that relaxing was what I was supposed to do in savasana. – AN
I initially began yoga classes at 12 years old at a Parks & Recreation 6-week class. I practiced a bit at home but did not really have any guidance or support. Years later I began at Iyengar (2016?) and attended two classes per week. –KC
I always knew, or hoped, I’d practice yoga when I was no longer working for a living and had time to enjoy the experience. But, … I developed a problem breathing… Speaking with a friend who had recently started Iyengar Yoga in a local recreation centre and her recommendation was to join her class… and so my yoga journey began…I didn’t come to yoga as part of the original plan, rather as part of a rescue operation. And it worked, I am now 16 years past that initial lesson and going strong. – SW

What brings you to Iyengar yoga?

Fabulous teachers, each and every one, knowing I will have a good experience no matter who is teaching any given class. Also I appreciate that my adult lifetime of practice has helped keep my body active and healthy into my senior years. – C.R
I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for many years. My practice brings me spiritual, mental and physical health benefits, and connects me to a wonderful family of Iyengar practitioners. My brother has been experiencing health issues and it was recommended to him that he start yoga. I told him about Iyengar and now he goes to 3 classes a week and is already reaping benefits. What a joy to “share” yoga with him. Thanks for all you do. – A.K.
I love the freedom and knowledge this practice gives me – S.B
My wife insists that I go to class – S.A.
I love how the teachers are able to help each person specifically yet keep the class momentum going – even over Zoom. – M.U.
I feel terrific after a class. – F.N.
Because I have always wanted to be part of one of those really cool couples who walk around town together carrying their yoga mats and happily my husband does too. – K.D.


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