Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

“Look at all pain in life as a teacher. In that struggle there is knowledge.”

Abhijata quoting her Grandfather, BKS Iyengar

Oct 16 – Air Purifiers for the Studio
Dear Students,

Many of you have emailed or called to let us know that your personal or professional bubble has increased in the last weeks and that you are choosing to stay home to minimize the risk of transmission. Thank you very much for the consideration! We appreciate your contribution to keeping all of us at the Centre safe.

When you are wondering whether to come to class or not, call us before you head out, or email 12 hours before. For example, some people with family members who have a cold are choosing to take online classes instead of coming to class. If you prefer, we offer a credit for the number of classes missed toward your next term.

Gone are the days when we had a headache, a throat tickle or something off with our digestion, and just pressed through to see if anything developed. Early COVID symptoms can be minimal and very vague. If you have any symptoms of being unwell, please stay away from the Centre.

The cold temperatures are upon us and as we move deeper into fall the windows can no longer be wide open, as they were all summer. We purchased two large air filtration systems that capture particles down to 0.1 microns at 99.97% effectiveness. These two air purifiers together provide 5.5 air changes in the studio, per hour.

November registration for in studio classes is brisk. Please sign up this week to avoid disappointment that the class you want is full.

Please remember if you want to pay less than the quoted price for classes, we encourage you to register, and pay what you can. If you want a free term of classes, we are happy to offer that too.

Stay safe everyone,

Namaste, love,
Wendy and Britta