New Year, new changes!

New Year, new changes!

Dear Students,

Healthy, Happy New Year Everyone!

Lots has changed since the last Yog-e News! Since omicron has driven coronavirus cases to record highs in BC over the past couple of weeks, Dr Henry suspended studio classes. We are hoping to be back in the studio very soon. Meantime, we continue to offer daily online classes.

Zoom Classes continuing
Tuesday ALL LVS: 10:30-12 with Ann
Wednesday ALL LVS: 9-10:30 with Ty
Wednesday ALL LVS 11-12:15 with Leslie
Thursday PRANAYAMA: 9-10 with Ann
Thursday ALL LVS: 10:30-12 with Ann
Thursday ALL LVS: 5:30-7 with Adia
Friday ALL LVS: 10:30-12 with Ty
Friday RESTORATIVE: 5-6 with Britta

NEW Zoom Classes in January
Three studio classes move online until the suspension is lifted.
Sunday ALL LVS: 4-5:30 with Gary (starts Jan 9)
Monday LV 2-4: 5:30-7pm with Ann (starts Jan 10)
Wednesday LV 2-4: 5:30-7 with Ty (starts Jan 12)

Hold a Credit or Receive a Refund?
If you want us to hold a credit until studio classes resume, we will – and you don’t even have to call us! If we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume you want the credit. If you prefer a refund, please let us know by email.

We are SO Grateful!
We have received over $26,000 in our fundraising appeal to date! To help the Centre stay alive and vital in our community over the next year, we hope to raise over $40,000 by the end of May.

As a registered charity, the Centre supports students who require it. In 2021, over $15,000 worth of our classes and workshops went to assisting students through our ‘pay what you can,’ approach. We received many emails, calls and cards expressing gratitude from students who relied on our classes as a lifeline through a dizzying, unreliable year. Yoga helps – no matter what life throws our way.

Love, namaste
Wendy, Britta