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Art of Restoration

Join the Art of Restoration ONLINE this Saturday, October 30th from 2-4:30pm with Britta, accompanied by Wendy for the demonstrations.

Lightness, space, freedom, joy, delight, enthusiasm… come enjoy a restorative yoga practice to open up… to look inside… and unveil these natural qualities of the heart.

All About Abhi @ Sunday Sadhana

All About Abhi @ Sunday Sadhana

“Failure makes us feel dejected and we want to give up. But it is enough to try, focus for a moment, then take that back into our life.”

-Abhijata Iyengar 2021

Join Ann Kilbertus and Adia Kapoor ONLINE this Sunday from 10 am to 12:30 for a Sadhana dedicated to Abhijata’s teaching over the last year. Encounter a remarkable teacher’s insight into Yoga practice throughout a memorable year.

Our Yoga Family!

We are so grateful for you – our yoga family! Sending you peace and warmth during this crazy time. -the IYCV board, teachers and staff

Happy Birthday Shirley

This October we mark a special occasion, the 90th birthday of our founder, Shirley Daventry French. In her honour we have a special Tribute edition of the newsletter dedicated to recognizing Shirley’s vast contribution to our local and national community. To enjoy this Tribute, please go to the “newsletter” section on this site. Happy Birthday, Shirley!